If you're creating a Droid app, don't stop with this one

If you're creating a Droid app, don't stop with this one

You have some ideas and want to make a Droid app, but don't know where to start. I understand. Let me help you there.
Before you can begin submitting Android and Apple apps (yes, you can do both), you have to enroll with Apple in their Developer program (Android does not have a Developer program). The price may have changed, so I am not telling you here what it costs, but it is necessary to submit apps, and really not relatively much to pay up front.
Now that you are a Developer, to be monetarily successful, you need to obtain an overview of the competition for the segment of Droid users you are trying to satisfy with your app. A hint - shoot for a small, hungry segment. It pays MUCH better than a huge, indifferent segment and it is a lot easier to target with your marketing efforts (I'm getting ahead of myself here, sorry).

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I know you already have an idea for your first app, and if you want to do it, you can go ahead and develop that app and cast it upon the waters (think ocean) to see what happens. First of all, please be aware that one app is not going to financially deluge you with money. You will likely not see respectable money from your first five apps. Some of the apps you develop and submit will not even be accepted. This is the reality and one reason many new Developers do not get their business off the ground.

It's kind of like planting a garden from which you intend to eat. Will you be planting just one type of plant? Don't you agree it would be better for you if you at least planted a row, so that even if all of them produce you will have enough to eat for a while? Each app you produce and make available when it reaches your market it is a bit like each of those plants. It will produce some. A lot of those little plants will feed you well. Apps do not have a season of growth - they produce all the time. A bunch of these produced and presented to the right markets will pay well.

I suggest you get the aid of an experienced Developer. This is a person who made the rookie mistakes and can help you keep the app development on track so the apps you develop perform the functions you intended. If you have to share some of the income from the cooperatively developed apps, please do not resent it. It is the cost of doing business and as you get better at it, you will need a mentorless.
When you have properly researched your target market and developed your app, you then need to market it to those you anticipate can use your app. Several methods are available, including social media and other forms of advertisement. When you begin to make a Droid app or two or three and start to make money at it, I do want to hear from you. You can write to me through the guest book on the Squidoo link.

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