The HTC Inspire 4G: Android Performance at a Low Price

The HTC Inspire 4G: Android Performance at a Low Price

In the last year or so, Google has stolen a march on Apple with the growing success of its Android operating system for smartphones. While it cannot be denied that the Apple iPhone was the undisputed king of mobile telephony for a while, Android is now giving it a run for its money.
Among manufacturers of handsets, one of the leading adopters of Android is HTC Corporation. The Taiwanese firm has been releasing a steady stream of new models, and while the handsets have attracted a degree of criticism for not quite matching the stylish design qualities of the various models of iPhone, nevertheless HTC has been making good sales. It seems there are a lot of users who value-enhanced functionality, and the ability to customize their handsets, over mere fashion.

Htc inspire android operating system

The HTC Inspire 4G was initially announced in January 2011 and swiftly released the following month into a marketplace busy with new Android handsets. In this article, we will take a look at the specifications and pros and cons of the Inspire 4G.
The Inspire 4G is one of a number of handsets to appear recently that feature very large touch screens. The Inspire 4G's 4.3-inch screen makes a big difference to usability when browsing web pages or viewing photos and videos. Of course, in order to accommodate such a large screen, the handset as a whole has to be on the large side. The Inspire 4G measures 4.8 inches long, 2.7 inches wide, and 0.46 inches thick. Although it is on the large side, the handset can still be held comfortably in one hand and is light at 164 grams in weight.

Internally, the HTC Inspire 4G, which comes with Android v2.2 installed, runs on a 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, is fitted with 768 MB of RAM, and has 4 GB of data storage space. Users can also store data on microSD cards, up to 32 GB. The handset also has an 8-megapixel camera that can capture video at 1280x720 pixels resolution. The touchscreen on the Inspire 4G is a multi-touch design of the TFT LCD type. Screen resolution is 800x480 pixels (widescreen aspect ratio).

User apps are the strong point of Android, largely because the OS is open source, which encourages developers to create software for the platform without having to go through hoops for the privilege of doing so. The Inspire 4G is pre-loaded with plenty of apps, but users can download more from the Android Marketplace.

The latest generation of smartphones, including the HTC Inspire 4G, is ushering in the nascent 4G network. Although it is yet to be rolled out in full, the 4G network offers data speeds far in advance of those delivered by its 3G predecessor. With regard to this, the Inspire 4G is clearly bidding to be future proof by providing support for the network of tomorrow.
Priced towards the lower end of the market, the HTC Inspire 4G offers mid to high performance at a relatively low cost and could be the perfect way into the world of Android for anyone who has not yet tried it.

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