Top 10 Android Apps You Can't Live Without

Top 10 Android Apps You Can't Live Without 

There are a huge number of Android applications accessible in the commercial center so picking only 10 of the best applications is an extremely troublesome activity. Be that as it may, we've experienced several distinctive applications and aggregated these main 10 Android applications that you can't survive without. 

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Handcent SMS 

The default Android informing application is alright, yet Handcent SMS is better. Way better. You can alter the design of your messages, see the messages in a discussion group, secret key ensure your messages and spell-check messages before you send it. This ought to be the first application that you introduce! 


Much the same as the Android informing application, the console application is additionally alright, yet BetterKeyboard satisfies its name by being miles better. With genuine multi-contact capacity, closeness redress and various skins accessible; when you go Better you'll never return. 

Snap Photo Pro 

Sack the default Android camera application and sprinkle out 99 pennies on this little excellence. Snap Photo Pro gives you a chance to take different shots at a tick of a catch which is incredible for getting regular articulations, an advanced stabilizer which is helpful in the event that you have unstable hands, a computerized zoom and there are various computerized channels you can apply to the photograph. 


With regards to pimping out your Android a one of a kind ringtone is fundamental. RingDroid will give you a chance to alter MP3 records and cut out that appealing tune or the truly cool introduction. Eye of the Tiger introduction anybody? 

Launcher Pro 

A definitive dashboard for the board application. Launcher Pro gives you 7 home screens to top off with gadgets and tweak to your enjoyment. It has overly smooth looking among screens and can even deal with 3D illustrations for that additional cool look. 

Norton Mobile Security 

It's a startling world out there people yet Norton acts like your own body watchman shielding your telephone from interruptions and malware. It can even remotely cripple and erase information in the event that you ever have your telephone stolen so those dingy hoodlums can't separate any close to home information from it. 

Irate Birds 

We realize that everybody is going obsessed with Angry Birds and there is a valid justification for it! This exceptionally basic game will attract you and before you know it your regularly scheduled drive won't keep going almost long enough as you play the ever harder levels to vanquish the voracious piggies. 

Amazon Kindle 

Get Amazon's Kindle without purchasing a Kindle. This application will give you a chance to peruse a huge number of free digital books directly on your Android telephone. Ideal for when you need a breather from Angry Birds. 

Google Maps with Navigation 

Download this application and you'll consider how you at any point made do without it. You can giveaway your Tom on the grounds that all that you need is present in this free application. Essentially key in or state where you need to go and it will locate the best bearing for you to take. 


Assume responsibility for your accounts with this pocket measured money related tracker. You can monitor all your checking, investment funds, and credit records and discover exactly why you appear to have no cash left toward the finish of every month. Important on the off chance that you end up overspending constantly.

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