Updated Video Drivers on the Nexus 2

Updated Video Drivers on the Nexus 2

Google Nexus 2 is a device heralded as the vanguard of a new technological era. The advent of Android 2.3 and various other upgrades over the original Nexus One make this device a much more credible threat to its competition than it was previously. Among the combination of Samsung's Super AMOLED screen, the extended battery life, and the updated video drivers on the Nexus 2 there are few other devices capable of rendering such a crystal clear display image.

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The updated video drivers on the Nexus 2 guarantee smooth transitions to playing downloaded media and streaming video. The stagger and stutter of older devices are gone in this new version. These updates provide the full capacity to utilize the super AMOLED technology Samsung invented. With this kind of ability, there is little doubt that many people will discover that a portable communications device really can be a source of entertainment outside of talking to friends. YouTube videos, live TV, and many other concepts can be used with this phone in many instances. Though the latter uses will depend on the network the individual utilizes the phone with.

The only real issue with this device is its cost. It is no more expensive to purchase unlocked than any other mobile device. However, the average consumer has to pick one phone and stick with it. This disallows a great deal of experience with various phone types and most people will simply update to the next phone that comes out for their particular brand of choice. There are alternatives to this monotony. These alternatives can drastically reduce the cost of purchase for these phones or even allow an individual to acquire a free Android Nexus 2 at will.

The easiest way to reduce the cost of buying the device is also the one most people dislike in the current age of technological and marketing innovation. These devices can be rendered far more affordable simply by purchasing them with a contract. The two-year term is not that harsh considering the fact that by the time the contract ends it will be time for a new smartphone anyway. The only issue with this method will become apparent if the individual has poor credit. Some networks require a security deposit of up to $400 for individuals with poor credit. If this is the case, an individual is better off simply buying the device unlocked for the same overall price.

Two excellent methods for acquiring a free Nexus 2 include using promotional options and wholesale reselling. The promotional options include sweepstakes entries, free prizes, and affiliate marketing concepts. The wholesale resale option for acquiring an Android Nexus free of charge is the most expensive method initially. The individual needs to buy several, if not dozens of these devices at bulk rate prices. Once the devices are purchased they may then sell them on their own for whatever price they can get for them. Once enough of these smartphones are sold the price of purchase will be repaid and the individual might even make a profit. The remaining devices are then technically free of charge since ultimately they cost the individual nothing.

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