Why You Need to Switch to the HTC Desire

Why You Need to Switch to the HTC Desire

So you think your phone already has everything a phone can offer. Well, better think twice, a new smartphone has emerged that can make all other phones look insignificantly primitive with its appearance and capacity. If you believe that there is no way another phone can outwit your phone, this HTC smartphone can definitely do so. Meet HTC Desire S, a new and improved version of the well-received HTC Desire. With a better look and cooler features, this smartphone is set to make another HTC milestone.


Released just last March 2011, users are finding it really awesome. Reviews regarding this device are already widely available on the net. You will find users who are really satisfied with its performance. Switching from different phone brands is never easy for them in the beginning. However, discovering the beauty and intelligence of this HTC smartphone makes them grateful that they considered doing so. All the details and specifications, even benefits and advantages, mentioned on the manufacturer's description of this product are perfectly delivered. The users never felt deceived as they find everything in place and in order.

Initially, users fall in love with this phone's physical attributes. The slimmer unibody that fits perfectly on your palm is so convenient as if the phone is crafted impeccably customized to the size of your hand. You can grip it with ease and without inconvenience. The wider touch screen satisfies both aesthetics and the viewing pleasure of the user. All users find this phone good-looking presented in a perfect size, shape, and even weight.

More than the look, the genius of this phone is really fascinating. HTC has definitely done a tremendous job creating very advanced features unlikely to fit in a device as small as this. Browsing is never better as it provides a very fast uploads and downloads capacity. The Android platform is really fantastic making smartphones really smarter. Adjusting the phone to your desire browser, screen, text and image size is easy as it does not require the user to enter menus after menus just so you can make an adjustment to it. Adjustments can be made by simply pinching the screen to your desired size of texts and images.

Now, what most users find very fascinating about the HTC Desire S is the ability of the camera to capture images in High definition quality. The 5-megapixel color camera that features a LED flash is quite amazing being part of a very small device such as this. You can never imagine that a camera that good can fit into a phone this small. The wonders of technology, right? But there is more, this phone is compatible to be connected to Televisions via the DNA cable. If you want to view your photos and videos in a much wider screen, connecting it to the TV is possible. And since HTC Desire S has a 1.1 GB internal storage that can be expanded as you desire, you can capture many precious moments without having to worry that you may run out of storage or memory.

So, if you think you are satisfied with your phone, well, perhaps that is not so anymore, right?

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